Therapeutic Insight #27

At the core of many communication difficulties is a simple antidote: respect. After working on practical communication strategies with hundreds of couples, I’ve consistently found a theme among those who benefit from strategies and insights and those who don’t. It often boils down to one question: are they in therapy because they respect one another … More Therapeutic Insight #27

Therapeutic Insight #26

Decision making is tough and the bigger the decision, usually the tougher it gets. The good news is, there are people who have been rigorously evaluating human decision making and have some helpful insights for the rest of us. It’s a newer discipline that essentially combines the study of psychology and economics called Behavioural Economics. … More Therapeutic Insight #26

Therapeutic Insight #22

Nothing reveals our capacity for growth and change like going to a place from our past and remembering how far we’ve come. Inspired by Nelson Mandela: “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

Therapeutic Insight #20

A wise teacher was taking a meditative walk along a rocky riverside one day when they recognized a student of theirs hiding away under a bushy tree, sobbing. Startled, the teacher slowly approached to offer some support. The student, clearly distraught, spoke softly to the teacher, expressing several worries and regrets. The teacher, thinking for … More Therapeutic Insight #20